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UNITED FOR IMPACT is a project created in partnership with Augmentation X, Concerto TIC and MVM & Co. to acknowledge and put under the spotlight the incredible initiatives of organizations and individuals in the UAE during the Covid-19 outbreak. Our aim is to inspire others to join efforts in supporting the community and drive social impact, through storytelling centered around purpose, solidarity and leadership.


“There is no question on the extent of Covid-19’s impact on individuals, societies and the economy. But in the same time, we have all shown that solidarity, a consolidated effort and cooperation are key in getting through this unprecedented situation. We can all be a force for good and we want to acknowledge everyone’s efforts in driving impact within the UAE, the country many of us call home”

Mihaela Nina

Founder, Concerto TIC

“At a global level, every single one of us has been impacted by this unprecedented challenge. But with it, we have also been witnessing empathy, commitment and devotion towards humanity, towards societies. The unsung heroes of the past have been at the forefront of supporting us, restoring our health and keeping us safe. Let’s start praising all of them and also acknowledge everyone going above and beyond to make a positive impact for their communities and those affected by this crisis”

Alex Gheordanescu

Managing Director, Augmentation X

“The pandemic has heavily impacted the economy globally. We have seen many businesses close and people lose their jobs. During times like this, we have also seen many businesses and individuals support their communities so they can thrive during this difficult time. These are the brands/individuals that truly deserve the recognition and we feel it is vital that their stories are heard”

Samah Elwagie

Co-Director of MVM & Co.



You will only need to submit an outline of your initiative, by filling in the form and sharing a few details with us about it



We will be in touch with you upon reviewing your submission for more details to support us design your

unique story


We will share your story with the world to inspire others to contribute, by posting it here, on social media and sending it to the press

Submissions starting from the 20th April to the 20th May 2020

The stories can be designed in multiple formats video, narration  or interview

We will start sharing the stories from the 5th of May

*We reserve the right to select the initiatives to be shared and we cannot commit that the stories will be published by the press


An initiative created in collaboration with:

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A wholehearted thank you to the incredible UAE leadership, the frontline individuals and the organizations who kept us protected, safe and supported the communities!