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Sustainability has frequently been associated to environmental impact and eco-friendly solutions or at the completely opposite pole to financial sustainability, which encompasses generating economic returns. But impact has more meaning attached to it, a much deeper one. Impact goes beyond the immediate outputs of our activities as it represents the knock-on effects of our actions, sometimes very complex and challenging to quantify or even to attribute as a result of our initiatives.

We all have an impact, be it us as individuals, as organizations or as governments. The unique framework of the Global Goals encompasses 17 areas in which globally we are challenged. It is no longer about donations, volunteering or one-off CSR projects, but about achieving an equitable future for all, living in harmony with the environment and enabling thriving economies. The question is, how can we further our positive impact and be part of the change which the Sustainable Development Goals are attempting to shape?

The Impact Talks brings to you conversations with incredible individuals from all around the world that are shaping the impact ecosystem. In each episode you will hear inspirational stories and learnings from the sustainability space, aimed at enabling a better understanding of the impact ecosystem and the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can all contribute to changing the global narrative. The aim of The Impact Talks is to be an educational and knowledge sharing platform which encourages game-changers to share why and how they have been contributing to make a difference.


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