Mihaela Nina

I have always been drawn to the intangible and often ended up contemplating to the future in a ‘what if?’ sequence while trying to discover the reasons that set individuals, organizations and countries apart. And I believe that this revolves around purpose and the capability of inspiring others to become their better selves. Coincidentally or not, this led me into pursuing studies and a career that have been firing my imagination and triggered my creativity.

During the past 10 years, I have been committed to build growth strategies across a wide spectrum of levels and support organizations steer away from the current business as usual paradigm. I had the privilege to develop and drive the largest paid membership program of IHG MENA as well as to restructure and lead the membership strategy of the most prominent business club in the region, Capital Club Dubai.

I have recently embarked on my entrepreneurial journey as I want to channel all my knowledge towards enabling organizations to catalyse change, create value for all they interact with and become resilient. Using tailored frameworks deriving from the SDGs, my advisory role is centred around ingraining sustainability to the core of business strategies across the entire value chain.

The challenge with this is that you can only impact a limited number of organizations and individuals and I ended up thinking how can I change the narrative around sustainability? I believe it starts with awareness and so I have launched the first podcast in MENA that has as focus the SDGs. The purpose is to create an educational platform which puts under the spotlight game-changers in this unique arena and inspires others through storytelling.

Having as desire to bridge collaborations, together with the person I can proudly call my mentor, I also serve as co-founding member of Social Capital, a networking platform which fosters mentorship, support and knowledge transfer within its participants. Coming from technology & innovation, start-ups & SMEs, social enterprises and NGOs, the participants are brought together with the purpose of advancing the progress towards the SDGs.

In my free time, you will either find me with my husband and our 3 cats or writing articles, speaking at conferences or moderating events that have sustainable development as epicentre.


A podcast like yours is a connection. Is a connection to the credibility of organizations, is a connection to who is doing what outside, individuals and so on

— Mariam Farag, Head of CSR, MBC Group

In a world where people are so busy with their own lives and with their own problems, it’s really good to have a voice like yours, to continue to reach people

— Hanan Ashegh, Founder, Goodwill Caravan

Amazing podcast, a wonderful host and a great purpose

— Noha Hefny, Co-Founder She is Arab

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