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Spreading positivity by keeping the UAE community engaged

Social distancing or better said physical distancing is probably the highlight of all our lives during the past months. While this precautionary measure is very much needed to contain the spread of Covid-19 and keep ourselves, our loved ones and our communities safe and healthy, this concept is new for all of us and we need to ensure that we maintain our health, positivity and productivity. is a great platform, founded by Nicolas Trabucco, who wanted to engage the UAE residents in creating and spreading messages of hope, positivity and maintaining active and healthy lifestyles. From recipes to live series of music, from workouts to inspirational messages, the platform has it all.

We virtually sat down with Nicolas Trabucco, who shared with us more about the purpose of Stay Positive and how can everyone get involved.

What made you decide to launch the platform? Was there a story behind why you launched it?

We are currently all stuck at home and some of us feel frustrated, negative, and not active enough. On the other hand, many other residents are still active and positive, and I find this to be so inspiring! The objective of the platform is to share positive messages and videos from and with UAE residents and highlight people who are active and have a valuable message to share with the community. Stay Positive lists chefs, coaches, trainers, artists, and activities that residents can enjoy at home such as recipes, workouts, talks, workshops, courses, songs, concerts, and stand up shows. The content is created by and for UAE residents.

When did you launch the platform and what are the mechanics of the joining process?

I launched the website and social media accounts mid of April. It is free for everyone: individuals, professionals, brands, and users.

How can the wider public, the UAE community get involved?

We encourage UAE residents (individuals and professionals) as well as brands to share their positive/active messages and stories with us and everyone

What are some of the key impact areas of the platform so far?

The response has been heart-warming. I received so many videos and positive messages from the community and media.

What do you hope to achieve from launching the platform?

The idea is to continue listing all activities you can do online at home (workouts, recipes, courses, workshops, etc). The aim is to upload new videos every day and in each section (Stay Fit, Healthy, Creative, Tuneed, Happy, etc) to be able to engage with everyone. For example, if you want to stay active and fit, you will find videos about online Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, Tabata, Cardio, Spinning, Boxing, and many more.

Provision: United for Impact is not a fundraising campaign and neither of its affiliates or organizations leading the project have any financial benefits.

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