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Purposeful Giving with YallaGive

Purpose is the principle which sits at the foundation of YallaGive, a UAE based impact enterprise which is the first online fundraising platform in the Arab World. This has also been demonstrated during the current unprecedented times, as YallaGive responded by running coronavirus relief campaigns for charities in the pursuit of reducing the impact of the virus.

Abdulla Al Nuaimi, the Founder of YallaGive told us more about the initiatives started in supporting the communities during the pandemic through fundraising campaigns.

1. Your mission has been from the beginning to support meaningful causes by making donations accessible to everyone, tell us more about the campaigns launched as a response to the pandemic.

YallaGive was conceived from the idea of providing an accessible and innovative way of donation. During this pandemic, we have been able to serve our purpose through the campaigns run on the platform. With people being confined from their own homes, donating to our campaigns has become their way to show support.

In response to the pandemic, we have created a special page where charities’ coronavirus related campaigns are curated. At the moment, there are about 5 charities who run their campaigns in the platform with various causes such as supporting local community, giving food assistance, providing medical support to frontliners and providing emergency relief kits to name a few. These campaigns have paved the way for individuals and companies to donate and to create their own fundraisers to extend help.

With the restrictions in going out and social distancing in place, fundraisers have become resourceful and creative in terms of encouraging people to support. There is a fundraiser who did an indoor marathon from his balcony to raise awareness about the importance of staying home and raised funds for Emirates Red Crescent. Another idea is from a teenager who swims the English Channel in a 6.5m pool to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. A company who donated and encouraged its employees to donate to support Penny Appeal’s efforts in delivering relief and emergency kits.

2. YallaGive is also the platform powering UAE’s biggest community campaign, 10 Million Meals, which aims to provide food assistance to disadvantaged families and individuals in the UAE. How can residents and organizations contribute to support it?

We are very proud of our partnerships with Al Maktoum initiatives to power the main platform of the 10 Million Meals Initiative, apart from donating directly to the 10 Million Meals official site, we have published a campaign to support the initiative on YallaGive. Individuals and companies will be allowed to create their own fundraisers under the 10 Million Meals campaign...

3. Given the unfortunate turn which our world took when the Covid-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic, we have seen an incredible response from organizations and individuals in supporting their communities. Did this giving back spirit cascaded into more donations initiatives requests for YallaGive?

Despite the challenging situation we are into, donors and fundraisers have showed no hesitation to find a way to support. There are number of fundraisers who had exceeded their respective target goals in surprisingly short amount of time.

4. How can the community continue supporting social causes post-pandemic, what would you advise them?

The aftermath of this pandemic will last months, there’s a long way of recovery that’s ahead of us and in order to get through this we have to continuously support each other. Charities will need our support post-pandemic as they will continue on helping and funds will be of utmost importance. Communities and donors can still use the platform to raise funds to support charities who work hard to help the most vulnerable recover.

Yalla Give is the first online fundraising platform in the Arab World, which provides support for individuals and organizations that want to give back to their communities through donations. Having as mission to drive a positive impact, Yalla Give’s services are based on blockchain technology and donations can also be made in cryptocurrencies.

Provision: United for Impact is not a fundraising campaign and neither of its affiliates or organizations leading the project have any financial benefits.

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