Rhea founded Ecoware with the purpose of resolving India’s plastic waste challenge by introducing a fully compostable alternative to it. In this episode, we discuss about her journey in sustainability, the challenges along the way and how has Ecoware grown from strength to strength over the years.

Advancing diversity and inclusion has been for over a decade at the forefront of the initiatives and projects led by Sophie. In this episode, we discuss about what led her to pursue this journey, as well as the role of Eve List in enabling organizations to integrate gender parity within their strategies and support closing the gender gap.

Sustainability was in its early beginnings back in 1975, when Peter Fusaro has started his journey and career within the space. In this episode, we delve into the highlights and evolution of sustainability over the past decades as well as how and why should the transition to a greener economy be accelerated.

Nurturing young talents and fostering innovation are at the foundation of all the initiatives led by H.E. Hussain Al Mahmoudi. In this episode, we discuss about the ambitious projects that are emerging from Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park’s ecosystem and how can technology catalyse progress towards sustainable development.

Sanjeev has started his career on the African continent over 3 decades ago, and ever since he has been actively involved in projects and funding solutions geared towards development in multiple countries. In this episode, we discuss about the current projects led by the Africa Finance Corporation as well as how capital can continue to be mobilized towards infrastructure and development on the continent.

Driving impact and influencing positive influencing positive social, economic and environmental change have always been at the forefront of Eva’s journey. In this episode, we delve into the numerous incredible projects that Eva has been leading over the past 2 decades, as well as her views on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the environment and sustainable development. 

At the dawn of a new decade, the decade of action for the SDGs, we took an unfortunate turn as the outbreak of Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. We have however witnessed that collaborative efforts are key as governments, organizations and individuals all around the world have been gearing their efforts towards reducing the impact of the virus. In this episode, Zahara Malik and I speak about the response of the impact ecosystem to the pandemic and how this global challenge can frame a new shared purpose for all, that of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Dr. Raed made a shift in his engineering career when coming back to the region in 2009 and was drawn into clean energy solutions and projects. In this episode, we discussed what ignited his passion, climate change and related sustainable development challenges, as well as best practices in the adoption of clean energy and climate mitigation actions. 

Having an interesting career path himself, changing from Egyptology to running a start-up, Borna realized that many young people are struggling to choose the right academic path and often drop out from the studies. In this episode, we discuss how this triggered a desire to solution this challenge and how technology can empower youth to make the right college and career choices.

Reem has transformed her own challenges into an ambitious mission, when faced with the lack of adequate and reliable Arabic online resources to support the upbringing of her children facing developmental disabilities. In this episode, we discuss her journey and how Habaybna was born to support parents in similar situations.

The passion to resolve the world's more pressing sustainability challenges can be ignited by various personal experiences, as it happened to Siddharth. In this episode, we discuss about how Sid combined his desire to prevent waste from ending up in the landfill with his data science background and founded Kabadiwalla Connect.

Having experienced first hand the struggles of smallholder farmers in accessing supply chains, John always wanted to find a solution for this challenge. In this episode, we discuss about his social entrepreneurship journey and how does Selina Wamucii supports building inclusive and sustainable supply chains across Africa.

Carolina represents the embodiment of resilience, which is fueled by a passion to drive sustainable impact. Since she participated in a social entrepreneurship competition several years ago, Carolina has built several tech-based enterprises and advised on multiple projects that have at their core triple bottom line and innovation.

Yousuf was drawn into the impact space more than 10 years ago and ever since he has been spearheading innovative initiatives meant to steer away from the status quo. In this episode, we discuss how the Expo Live programme was born, who are Global innovators and which type of innovations have the chance to become part of the programme.

Noha and Samar have a common passion, driving impact, which resulted in joining forces with the purpose of advancing gender balance and empowerment. In this episode, we discuss about how they aim to catalyze change through She is Arab and drive diversity and inclusion by becoming a voice for Arab women worldwide.

From the world of charity to that of impact investment, Zahara has always had purpose at the core of her journey. In this episode, we discuss about the evolution of impact investment in the region and what drives the decision-making process of investors.

Even though at the time Gary had built several successful businesses, 25 years ago, his passion for social impact got ignited by a project he was leading for UNICEF. In this episode, we discuss about this career turn as well as the tremendous drive behind UNICEF’s global initiatives.

Sophie was naturally drawn into the healthcare sector as she was exposed to it through her parents ever since she was a child. In this episode, we discuss how this, together with a passion for driving social impact, became the start of a beautiful journey and led to an innovative business concept.

Richad has joined Société Générale in 1994 and over the past 2 decades he has experienced firsthand the transition towards sustainable financing decisions. In this episode, we discuss about the financial sector’s evolution in relation with sustainability as well as about the group’s approach towards advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Jumana was exposed from a very fragile age to the humanitarian space and ever since she has been leading initiatives that are driving a positive social impact. In this episode, we discuss about SOS Children’s Villages and the impact generated over the last 70 years.

Expo 2020 is one of the most expected events in the region and beyond, and apart of the main theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future', there is a tremendous sustainability drive behind the event. In this episode, Jana Elkova shares more about the unique Innovation Impact Grant Programme as well as 3 of the Global Innovators, Ian Dillon, Thea Myhrvold and Abdulla Al Nuaimi provide us with further insights on their impact enterprises and inspirational entrepreneurial journeys.

Saeed was drawn into the world of sustainability ever since he was a student, when he understood that besides financial returns, a positive social and environmental impact is what leads to the long-term success of any business. In this episode, we discuss about sustainability in the built environment and its integral role in achieving SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

As Assia's family has always been supporting children from less privileged backgrounds, she understood, ever since she was just a child, how lives can be transformed through education. In this episode, we discuss about how Assia has set the foundation of Evolvin’ Women, a social enterprise which has as mission maximizing employment opportunities of women from rural areas.

Mahmoud was born in a refugee camp in Gaza, Palestine and from a fragile age he recognized the importance of education in building a better future. In this episode, we discuss about Mahmoud's inspirational journey and the reasons why sustainability is at the forefront of all the initiatives he is leading.

Sunil started his journey in social entrepreneurship while he was still running his family business. In this episode, we discuss about the inspiration drawn from the impact generated by the organization, and why he decided to dedicate to the project full-time.

Helen always wanted to change the world and so she dropped her corporate career to follow her passion for the social impact space. In this episode, we discuss about social enterprise business models and their contribution to the SDGs.

Mariam is a true humanitarian whom has as her only mission driving social impact. In this episode, we discuss how can brands be humanized through a proper corporate responsibility program, which in return increases their brand equity.

For Thomas, sustainability has always been a core focus area, inspiring and driving him beyond his role as Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer and leading him to co-found the Sustainable Procurement Pledge. In this episode we speak about the mandate of sustainability and the key role that the procurement function plays in advancing progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.